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AI Strategy

We design AI maturity models and frameworks to help you adopt the best AI strategy for your business. We get your business AI ready by developing a winning strategy first so you can win the war in business.

"Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win." Sun Tzu 

AI Products

Strategy in war is no good without the right weapons. 

We have AI products that can improve your business intelligence, so that you can penetrate markets deeper, quicker, and more effectively at the right time, with the right prospect. Not only that, our AI products can not only optimize your systems and hardware, but protect your systems and hardware from security breaches. Our patented products include offerings with features that deliver security, optimization and computer vision. Our solutions integrate across all facets of AI to include sub-sets of AI like digital twins, advanced agent modeling, drones, robotics and machine learning.

Not the right fit for you? It's ok, we have a product engineering and development team ready to go to help you build or assess the tools that are right for you.

Inflection points and lack of resources kill many companies and stifle massive growth. Many companies do not have the variety of resources to scale effectively in the market and adjust quickly to market changes. 

True global scale is the objective, and with so many obstacles, many companies end up lacking the funds, resources, reach and messaging needed to really scale and deliver #ROI4EVERYONE



Resources and Products to Help You Grow and Reach New Levels

Startup ROI Accelerator

Our accelerator is all about getting companies to market faster with the idea of eventually helping those companies exit or IPO. Due to risk associated with new products and startups, companies and investors are always asking “where is the proof?” We call this the Founder’s Dilemma, because it takes money to make money. At some point this Catch 22 has to stop. We help companies avoid predatory investors with misalignment, lack of business expertise in product domain, lack of resources, and lengthy due diligence processes. Our accelerator process is performance-driven with no expiration date on involvement in the accelerator. Unlike other accelerators, we do not require you to provide upfront equity or a percentage of revenues for you to join.

The Perfect Fit


We accept all types of companies, but what is a perfect fit? If you are in the sector of AI, or in a subset sector of AI like robotics, machine learning or big data/automation in the markets of IoT, Healthcare, SaaS or manufacturing, then you are a perfect fit for what do.

Global Partners

Emerging technology is such a wide area and there are many many different types of companies and products. So we are diversified ourselves. This is why we have developed a wide array of partners across the globe. We work with these partners to bring you off the shelf or customizable solutions for your organization or your home which are cost-effective.

Sustainability and Diversity

We work with companies to help them implement strategy along the lines of sustainability and diversity. We have been involved in many sustainability initiatives alongside organizations like the United Nations to initiatives around carbon reduction and promoting diversity goals.


Figure Skater.jpeg

PR Solutions and Events

We have been in publications like Dotcom Magazine, Yahoo Finance, and Entrepreneur Magazine. 

Getting your brand in front of your best audience is all about credibility. Through our in-person and online events platform, we help you establish deeper credibility in publications where investors and prospective clients would be likely to find you.

Engineering and Project Outsourcing

Perhaps you have an idea or short - term need that has to be developed, but you don't have time to search for people to do it; you need it now! That is where we come in. We can quickly develop your idea into a product and then help you take it to market. 

Recruiting and Staff Augmentation

The best talent is not looking for a new opportunity. As a matter of fact these days there are more opportunities to become an entrepreneur and so it is less attractive to work for a company. The tech talent market generally sits at around 2 percent unemployment, and those 2 percenters are generally people who do not want to work, or cannot work. The average company spends months along with extra in tens of thousands of dollars to compete for talent. Top tech companies are making their hires with no problems in easily 30-45 days because they work with organizations like ours. You know you don't have to be talentless; work with us to fill your staffing requirements much more quickly. We could even host your next hiring event on our technology events platform, Silicon Beach New Tech. If you just need staffing or project outsourcing solutions, our business subsidiary, Empire Headhunters, can make it happen. 

Image by Jake Buonemani


You should work with us if you are looking to grow into new geographies, markets or industries, and most companies are looking for those things.


You could be a company from anywhere.


You don't have to be a Silicon Valley company, to be like Silicon Valley company.

We are already out there.

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