Reciprocity ROI is Founded December 2016

Reciprocity lands its first domestic client December 2016


Reciprocity ROI officially incorporated as an LLC March 2017

Reciprocity opens an international office in Europe April 2017

We landed our first international client in South Africa May 2017

Reciprocity partners with in June 2017

Reciprocity successfully bootstraps itself to over 250k annual revenue June 2017

Rypplzz and Reciprocity partner in January 2019

We complete our first IP SaaS product prototype February 2018

Reciprocity hosts cyber security panel with the FBI in Minneapolis July 2019 through Data Connectors

Reciprocity is awarded BEST Management Consulting Agency by  January 2020 

Reciprocity expands operational focus to Ireland March 2020


Partnered with the Robotics Hub Venture Capital Firm May 2020

Reciprocity ROI, LLC becomes and official value-added reseller of cyber security solutions August 2020

Reciprocity officially signs as board advisor Matt Kovacs's PR firm -  - vendor of record  for  Floyd Mayweather's Boxing October 2020

Reciprocity officially endorses the Energy Innovation Act December 2020

Reciprocity ROI begins to officially represent its first private office in the country of Oman December 2020

Reciprocity announces the release of the new www.lightplay app with December 2020

With an EXPLODING healthcare vertical, Reciprocity further expands focus and signs advisory agreement with December 2020

Reciprocity signs advisory agreement with ex-pro NFL football player, TJ Wright to launch and scale automotive hover vehicles January 2021

Reciprocity partners as an innovation arm with  (Professional Association of Robotics and Automation)

January 2021

Reciprocity ROI, LLC hosts panel with the International Trade Council at their Startup Summit January 2021

Reciprocity ROI, LLC is hand selected out of over 1,000 companies to become a member of the in March 2021

Reciprocity ROI, LLC officially becomes a majority shareholder and operator in Lexisoft under Fornux Holdings, Incorporated, an AI and Astrophysics R&D company with a suite of patented technologies and offerings April 2021

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