Innovation bubbles are about exploring and exploitation of existing opportunities and these bubbles are at the heart of every successful business or product

An innovation bubble is an economic cycle that is defined by a rapid expansion and then contraction

Even if you're doing really well today you can't stop there

But innovation and forward movement comes with a certain amount of risk 

We help you create as many innovation bubbles as possible to mitigate or eliminate your risk

Much like an investment stock portfolio manger, think of us as your innovation portfolio manager

Let's explore and exploit possibilities together...

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We work with universities, venture capital firms, family offices, international law firms, and banks to provide resources for quick scale in fundraising, international law, public relations, engineering, recruitment and employee development to close the innovation gap all aimed at helping you diversify and scale globally.

Universities. Cyber security and blockchain training. Other educational opportunities.

Venture capital firms, banks, funding institutions, and family offices. International revenue management and investment opportunities.

PR Firms. Get noticed. Generate brand awareness. Major media publications and news outlets.

Engineering, recruitment and employee development.  Team performance. Customized engineering teams that can build new IP strategy for you leading to quick product spinouts, new clients and new market presence resulting in increased revenue or new revenue streams.
International law firms. Patent development. Navigate international regulations. Protect IP.